We are always looking for more boosters to work for us..

We only hire the exceptional few that apply to our site, so don't hold back on bragging.


Fill out this form and if we like what we see we will contact you.


  1. We get 10-15 applications to boost for us per day, so we only pick the best or the booster who really seems to have drive and motivation
  2. We ask for you to list the % you are happy to work for because there are people who live in countries which might be alot cheaper to live in than where you live. Knowing this fact we can generally hire boosters at different rates.. listing 30% doesn't mean we will hire you, nor does listing 60% mean we won't hire you, it's just another thing for us to consider when we pick our staff.
  3. If you are below diamond 2 in solo queue currently  do not apply, you will not make it.. Get your own rank higher before you try to get others higher our reputation is important.
  4. Once your application goes through we may not contact you straight away however we will keep your details on file, it could be weeks before we get back to you depending on how stable our boosters are.
  5. The screenshot you need to take is to prove you are who you are, we get alot of plat players trying to boost claiming they are diamond 2 or higher. With your screenshot it's not that hard play a game of ranked and type the words 'Rain Sucks' and push print screen with the tab / team window visible so we can see all 10 champions. When you link your OP.GG the game of which you have taken the screenshot of must be visible it's going to be very hard to fake 10 of the same champions in a game.