Division Tier Boosting is the cheapest most cost effective form of boost in League of Legends

  • Select your position that you normally play.
  • Request your champions you normally play.
  • 99% of all boosts start within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Direct communication with support and the booster.
  • Competitively priced rates for the cheapest price.



The boost was started instantly.. Job was completed the same day!

Lincoln - Oceanic Server

People ordering this boost must be earning atleast 15 LP per win to be eligible. Anyone who orders a division tier boost and is earning less than 15 LP will be converted to single wins automatically.

Division Tier Boosting makes the best value for your money, as it is cheaper ranking up using this service than doing it per win. As long as you’re gaining 15LP per win, your desired rank will be achieved. If there is a division skip along the way, we are not obliged to provide an extra division. Likewise, if upon completion of the order you end up with higher division than what you ordered, we will not charge extra for it.

Once you have purchased the required boost, Paypal will redirect you to the submission page. Alternatively, you will receive an automated email sent to your PayPal email address to guide you to the right direction.

Please read our FAQs first before purchasing Division Tier Boosting.